Chihuahuas with Kids Challenge 

Is your small dog scared of children?  Mine have always been, and it may stem from the rarity of exposure to kids. I tried to expose her more as a puppy but the fear was not avoided.  I saw this cause problems on where I could bring Tequila, my late chihuahua, and also the anxietyRead More

Fireworks…. No Problem! 

Fireworks….. no problem for a porch night in the DoggieRoo! Mia feels safe and comfortable with fireworks going off all around us!  #fireworks #dogs #dogmom #nofear  See our Live stream during 7/4/17 fireworks Most dog owners cringe at the idea of fireworks going off around them due to the anxiety and fear their pets experience. It’sRead More

Shark Tank Open Call Charlotte, NC on 4/29/17

On Friday, 4/28/17, I was driving into work at 6:45am and often listen to the radio, channel flipping on my way in. This particular morning I happen to hear from one of the stations that Shark Tank was holding an open casting call on 4/29/17 in Charlotte!! That was tomorrow!😳Immediately excitement and panic set in. Read More