Chihuahuas with Kids Challenge 

Is your small dog scared of children? 

Mine have always been, and it may stem from the rarity of exposure to kids. I tried to expose her more as a puppy but the fear was not avoided. 

I saw this cause problems on where I could bring Tequila, my late chihuahua, and also the anxiety it gave me when she was approached by a child. It was always an unpredictable scenario where I prayed she would not snap and that the child would listen to the advice not to pet her. I hated to say “I’m sorry sweetie, she’s scared and may bite, you can’t pet her.” I felt aweful in those moments and even worse when she did snap, although thankful she never did actually bite. I understood her fear of the unknown and unpredictable and often fast movement of children and it was my job to protect her and the children from eachother.

When Mia is in the DoggieRoo she is at ease and comfortable even around children. I had to remove her at one point from the DoggieRoo during a Fourth of July party and she was in a complete panic, climbing on and clinging to me. However when returned into the DoggieRoo regained her calm demeanor.

 The kids love her and are great with her, petting and kissing her. I am happy the DoggieRoo provides a way for them to connect and hopefully Mia will feel the love and good intention of the kids, eventually reducing her fears.

I often take Mia in public and it’s not uncommon for her to be approached and pet by compete strangers of all ages. It is something she embraces as part of getting to go everywhere. At times she’s had up to 6 hands grabbing at her at once which would scare anyone but in her DoggieRoo she is able to embrace it knowing she is safe and secure. 

I love being able to ease her fears and anxieties with the DoggieRoo and not worrying that her fear may cause her to act out. 

The DoggieRoo does not guarantee your pet will not bite but it does offer a greater sense of safety and security to the pet which may alter their behavior reflecting less fear.

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