Fireworks…. No Problem! 

Fireworks….. no problem for a porch night in the DoggieRoo! Mia feels safe and comfortable with fireworks going off all around us! 

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Most dog owners cringe at the idea of fireworks going off around them due to the anxiety and fear their pets experience. It’s difficult to comfort a fearful dog especially when the noises continue for hours without a way to predict the start or end, even spanning over days. The DoggieRoo offers comfort to your pet by safety and securely attaching them to you.  

The pocket tucks them in nice and tight to comfort them. At the same time you are not tied up holding your pup with both hands and limit the chances of being scratched around the panic they experience over the loud noises. 

The DoggieRoo makes the fireworks a non factor so both dogs and owners can enjoy the holidays without crippling anxiety. 

Finally a way to ease your dogs stress and terror over fireworks! 🐾

Check out our video!

​​Happy 4th of July from DoggieRoo!

 💖🐾  DoggieRoo 

Chrisie and Mia 

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