Shark Tank Open Call Charlotte, NC on 4/29/17

On Friday, 4/28/17, I was driving into work at 6:45am and often listen to the radio, channel flipping on my way in. This particular morning I happen to hear from one of the stations that Shark Tank was holding an open casting call on 4/29/17 in Charlotte!! That was tomorrow!😳Immediately excitement and panic set in. 
I had only decided to start perusing efforts to bring the DoggieRoo to market on 4/5/17, Mia’s birthday. Since I had very limited time to prepare, and no sales to date, I questioned if I should bother going? We had plans that day to support a friend and I hated to disappoint them. However, you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take so, I made a decision to go for it! I scrambled to complete the application, gather projections and cost estimates from finance and supply chain advisors, and stayed up late to finish a couple more DoggieRoo prototypes for the casting call. I was exhausted from the effort and faced some challenges. I did not have sales, I only had an initial cost and sale projection analysis without a lot of depth, and I could not get my logo file to print in vinyl which I planned to add to the prototypes.

Despite the challenges I push forward to bring the best I could put together and showed up to the casting call at 9:15am. Unfortunately when I arrived the line was wrapped nearly 2 blocks away from the event building. I was shocked and intimidated. I had imagined showing up and being done in a couple hours to go support my other plans. Well I was here, I was as ready as I was going to get for the last minute opportunity and I could not walk away now. 

I waited in line with sweet Mia and my wonderful husband Aaron. Mia got lots of attention and people loved the idea of the DoggieRoo. After about 30 minutes the Shark Tank casting crew delivered a numbered wrist band. I was #234. A majority of the line was supporting family and friends but there were only 233 ideas/pitches in front of me. If each idea stuck to the 60 seconds we were given to pitch, then this should go by in a reasonably amount of time. It was just about 10 minutes later that the crew informed us we were in group 3 and should come back after 2:30 pm. 

We went home for the break and I got my workout in while I anxiously awaited the afternoon. We returned to the casting call as requested but there were still 100 pitches in front of us. We waited another 3 hours but it was worth the wait. They called our number and with excitement I grabbed my protypes and my application and headed to give my pitch. 

We entered the room to find a friendly face we had seen hours earlier passing out numbers. She greeted us and seem excited to hear from us and to see Mia again, everyone loves Mia. 😊

“How would you like to snuggle you doggie all day? Mia, like most small dogs want to be held 24/7. Unfortunately most of us are busier than ever with long to do lists and often feel like we are neglecting our tiny best friends. The DoggieRoo is the solution where you can tuck your doggie against you for the daily demands of life and still give your baby the attention they desire.” 

The pitch went great! Some of it was recorded and available to be viewed on our Facebook page @DoggieRoo. Please go check it out and share it! 

The casting agent tried on a DoggieRoo and Mia demonstrated how much dogs love it and feel secure in it even with a stranger. We took a picture and chatted a little more. The casting agents mother has a chihuahua as well so, we asked her to keep the prototype as a gift for her mother and her chihuahua to enjoy. 

If shark tank is interested in featuring the DoggieRoo they will contact us May 12th. If they pass we will simply not hear back. Either way it was a great experience and the DoggieRoo received great feedback that this will be an outstanding product both from Shark Tank crew and from others at the open call. 

Part of our pitch was recorded and shared. You can watch at the link below:

DoggieRoo Shark Tank Open Call Charlotte, NC 2017 Pitch

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Thank you so much for your support. 


Chrisie and Mia🐾

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