The Dog(gieroo) Days of Summer

Wouldn’t you know it…the weekend that we have Mr. B’s 8th grade graduation party (I’m a sucker for parties- I love to entertain!) that it’s 108 degrees outside.  All my dreams of people enjoying a nice, leisurely breeze out on my veranda (I don’t really have a veranda, but “deck” just doesn’t sound as dreamy, does it?) were dashed, as everyone was inside enjoying our AC (cranked down to 65, BTW).

Everyone except Doggieroo, that is.

You think 108 is hot? Pshaw….

It’s true that she likes to be outside.  She’s not the kind of dog that lays on the bathroom or kitchen tile to cool down.   But seriously, I can’t believe some people who leave their dogs outside all day, or leave them in the car.  Even a cracked window won’t provide relief from temps like these.  So please, be smart.  No matter how much they seem to like it, it’s probably not a good idea.

Keep ’em cool.  Put ice in their water bowl, set a sprinkler up, crank up the AC, whatever it takes.  Don’t let the dog days of summer give your dog a doggone heatstroke!

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